6 Must Do’s For Your Garden In April

Our Monthly Gardening Guide For Scottish Gardens

This month, we are getting busy weeding, planting wildflowers, giving our roses a boost, and preparing borders for summer planting. 

Here’s our 6 point plan for things to get done in your garden this month:

  1. Get Weeding And Mulching

If you keep your weeds under control from the get go, it’ll save you a lot of time, energy and back ache down the line! Tidy up those borders, give the soil in your pots some TLC and give both a good weed, mulch and water ready for planting. 

  1. Tend Those Roses

Tie in climbing roses and get rambling roses under control. If left, climbing roses can become a tangled mess of branches with very few flowers. Start feeding your roses and give the ground a good mulch to give them a boost. 

  1. What To Plant
  • Sow hardy annuals
  • Plant herbs
  • Plant wildflower seeds
  1. Repair Your Lawn

Here’s how to revive your lawn after Winter:

  • Mow your lawn – start off with the mower on a higher setting. 
  • On a dry day, give your lawn a good mow.
  • Use a rake to get rid of any moss.
  • Add some well needed nutrients and improve drainage by top dressing your lawn. Spread top dressing when the grass is relatively dry and work it in using the back of a rake or stiff brush until no obvious clumps remain and the grass is clearly visible.
  • Water the lawn thoroughly and do not mow immediately after application.
  • Pop on some grass seed if you have bare patches.
  1. What To Cut Back
  • Fig trees
  • Divide waterlilies and bamboo
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs such as buddleia, lavatera and hydrangeas.
  • Let your daffodils die back naturally and deadhead the flowers once they have gone over to preserve the energy in the bulb for next Spring. 
  1. Hold Back

In April in Scotland we can still see frost and snow so don’t be tempted by all of those beautiful summer bedding plants in the shops just yet. It is worth holding back until the chance for frost has past. 

Please share any other tips you have for this month by commenting below and check out our recent monthly guides for more gardening tips from February and March

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