Monthly Gardening Guide For January – 7 Top Tips For Scottish Gardens

It’s cold out there, it’s lockdown 2.0 but there’s still lots to do in the garden! January might be the middle of winter but as the days lengthen, the garden starts to grow.

Here’s our January Gardening Guide, our monthly series with suggestions of what to do in Scottish gardens each month. 

  1. Plant  

During milder days, plant out bare rooted trees, shrubs and roses. We recommend our peat free Caledonian Topsoil for planting and landscaping.

  1. Recycle Your Christmas Tree 

Leave your tree with your brown bin for the kerbside collections this month. Over the next few weeks we’ll be busy processing 10s of thousands of trees that the Council bring to us – everything gets recycled. We shred them, compost what we can and the rest gets chipped and turned into biomass fuel.

OR, if you are able, replant your Christmas tree in a pot or in your garden for next year!

  1. Cut Back & Prune
  • Cut back the dead stems from your herbaceous plants. Some of them like sedums and phlox you may already see fresh shoots emerging. Take care not to damage these.
  • Prune apple and pear trees.
  • Cut back wisteria to just three buds from the main stem.
  1. The Big Freeze
  • If there has been heavy snowfall, brush it off the conifers, hedging and box topiary to prevent damage.
  • Try not to stand on the grass if it is frozen to avoid damaging it.
  • Check your winter protection, stakes, ties and supports are still working after any severe weather.
  1. Feed The Birds

Put out bird food and water to encourage winter birds into the garden and try to keep the water from freezing over. Sparrows and finches like seeds; tits like fat; and thrushes and robins like fruit and worms. Starlings will eat just about anything.

  1. Start Forcing Rhubarb

To force stems, cover the crown with a traditional forcing jar, bucket or upturned pot in late winter, ensuring that all light is blocked out. Cover drainage holes in pots with a brick or stones. When stems reach the top of the container, they are ready for harvesting.

  1. Take A Break & Get Planning

Take advantage of this quieter gardening month. Put your feet up and make plans for the coming Spring and Summer.

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