Tattie Bags

£15.00 inc VAT

Grow Your Own Tatties!!

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Grow your own crop of potatoes at home with our new tattie bags! For £15, we’ll deliver 3 bags for you to grow three types of potatoes. Inside each bag, you will find our best compost plus two seed potatoes. All you need to do is cut the top off the bag, roll down the top, plant the potatoes 6 inches deep and give them a water every day. Simple!

Price: £15 for 3 bags of compost and 6 seed potatoes of 3 different varieties (Maris Piper, Cara Main Crop, and Epicure First Early). Delivery (in Edinburgh and East Lothian) is included! 

PLEASE NOTE – We DON’T carry bags into back gardens or into houses.  Delivery is made to the front of the property unless there is vehicle access to the rear.



As part of our Keep Scotland Growing campaign, we want to see as many families growing their own at home and we hope this helps. Our favourite gardener, Guy The Grower, will be helping us along the way with tips and tricks on how to grow the best potato crops too. 

It’s not been so important to grow your own since the Second World War when the British Ministry of Agriculture ran the ‘Dig For Victory’ campaign. We would like to encourage people to grow their own produce at home and enjoy the many benefits, whether it be for mental health or to keep the kids busy learning new skills while the schools are closed.

  Other benefits of growing veggies at home include:


  • Time outside with the family
  • Satisfaction of creating your own food and enjoying the fruits of your labour
  • A knowledge transfer and a retention of skills from an older generation to a younger generation
  • Reconnecting with nature during lockdown
  • Proven mental health benefits




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