Builder’s Bag Planter Mix

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Our Caledonian Planter Mix is a peat-free growing medium filler mix made from a blend of Green Goodness, composted bark fines, and basalt rock dust.

Ideal for using in raised beds and garden borders, our Planter Mix is guaranteed to be weed free and provide a more competent growing mixture than using our Green Goodness on its own, which needs to be diluted to allow for the slow release of nutrients and a more sustainable top growth.

The added rock dust provides valuable minerals and nutrients that promote healthy longer lasting plants as the rock dust slowly breaks down.

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(14 customer reviews)
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This high quality peat-free Planter Mix is made from green and woody material collected from gardens and parks throughout the Scottish Lowlands. We then shred and compost this material in large windrows at our composting sites, which are aerated and monitored in order to achieve the temperatures required to kill weeds and pathogens.


Available in 850L builders bags weighing approximately 400kg.


  • Growing medium
  • Filling raised beds
  • Garden borders
  • Tree and shrub backfill mix
  • Planting shrubs, bulbs and herbaceous plants


    • Enhanced soil texture and moisture retention
    • Slow release nutrients and minerals from the rock dust
    • Increased levels of organic matter
    • Increased nutrients reducing fertilizer requirements
    • Addition of soil microorganisms and fungi may help suppress some soil-borne plant diseases
    • Reduction of soil compaction and erosion
    • Improved plant survival and growth


Please note delivery of all bags are made in bulk and offloaded mechanically from the roadside. We DO NOT carry bags manually into your property.

Builders Bags – Single bag delivery fee is £15 to a local postcode, orders of 2 or more qualify for free local delivery.

14 reviews for Builder’s Bag Planter Mix

  1. AJeffs (verified owner)

    Great service from the team, with bags delivered with great care. Being used for new raised beds – too early just yet to see any results!

  2. Dan (verified owner)

    Smooth process including delivery, seems like good stuff for our neighbourhood raised beds

  3. Fiona (verified owner)

    Excellent service. The delivery driver went above and beyond to try and find a convenient place to leave the bag. The mix itself seems great — too early for results yet, but it feels like good stuff.

  4. John Sheard (verified owner)

    Looks very good and the delivery by a very competent female driver was excellent ,hope it produces plants as good as it looks.

  5. Robert Allardice (verified owner)

    Ordering and communication very good, delivery driver pleasant and helpful. Material for raised beds looks very good non of the usual debris I have found in bags of other brands I have used before. Overall very satisfied with the service provided, will be buying again.

  6. C Montgomery (verified owner)

    Repeat customer. Very satisfied with delivery and service. Enhanced appearance of beds with fine and uniform quality and genuinely appears to be free of weeds and debris. 10/10

  7. Allan (verified owner)

    Got the new planters mix, looks good, but will have to wait and see, good expectation.

  8. lawrence alexander (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Still a good price. Delivery a wee bit slower than usual but this was explained and it is peak delivery time so no worries. Woman who delivered could not have been more pleasant or obliging – even at the end of a hard day in miserable weather. First class all round I would say.

  9. Callum (verified owner)

    Great quick delivery. Product looks good, note it’s much thicker and heavier than the plant mix. Took a bit of graft to move but filled up our planter much better than the plant mix – which worked out really well for us

  10. Callum (verified owner)

    Great light soil. Looks good and will see how my trees and shrubs go. Great delivery

  11. James (verified owner)

    Nice product, sales team are in very helpful and nice. Will definitely be buying from them again.

  12. Éva Matus (verified owner)

    Great quality! Very dry wood!
    Delivery driver very kind!

  13. Dave (verified owner)

    Great product – have already re-ordered.

  14. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Great looking soil. I’m hoping for a good crop this year. Delivery lady was so lovely and chatty. I will defo order again.

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