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Available in a variety of sizes, we provide all the soil and compost you’ll need and we’ll fill to one inch from the top. Delivery is FREE in Edinburgh and East Lothian and our kits can be flat pack or built and filled onsite by our experienced team.

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We produce a range of Peat-free horticultural products at our composting sites in South-East Scotland.  Available in small bags for gardens and allotments, builders bags for landscaping and lorry loads for agriculture and remediation projects, our products are tested to British Standards and are weed and pathogen-free.

Our sustainably harvested hardwood and larch logs are now kiln-dried in our purpose built drying kiln. This ensures a consistent fuel for your fire with a moisture content of less than 20%, which means a hotter, cleaner burn.

Watch our video to find out more and order your larch logs or hardwood logs in our online shop.

Our Caledonian Horticulture products are all designed to improve and nourish your garden without the need for unsustainable ingredients like peat.

Whether you want a better lawn, healthier plants or are starting your garden from from scratch like the lady in this video, the Caledonian Horticulture range can help you build a garden to be proud of.