Caledonian Topsoil 20kg

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Caledonian Horticulture Enhanced Topsoil is a quality multi-purpose product for planting and landscaping.

This fertile and rich topsoil is multipurpose grade tested to BS 3882 standards. It’s sandy loam texture makes it easy to handle and work with, even in wet conditions. There is no need to mix our quality topsoil with any type of soil improver saving you time, money and effort.

Please note this is not a sterilised product, our topsoil is not guaranteed to be weed free and may require some weed management after use.  Our soil has not been mechanically heat treated in anyway to sterilise the material as we believe this process to be unsustainable & harmful to the microbes and bacteria that make our soil so healthy and fertile.  Every effort has been made to minimise the weed content through stockpile management and screening but we cannot guarantee our soil to be completely weed free.

Available in small 40L bags weighing approximately 20kg each or in 850L builders bags weighing approximately 800kg.


  • Creating raised beds
  • Growing plants and flowers
  • Growing vegetables
  • Laying turf
  • General landscaping


  • Highly fertile, contains good levels of phosphorous, potassium and magnesium
  • pH is typically 7 which is ideal for most garden plants
  • Minimal stone content due to screening process
  • Organic content typically in excess of 10%
  • All year round consistency


Please note delivery of all bags are made in bulk and offloaded mechanically from the roadside. We DO NOT carry bags manually into your property.

Builders Bags – Single bag delivery fee is £10 to a local postcode, orders of 2 or more qualify for free local delivery.

Small Bags – Minimum order for delivery is 5 bags unless ordered with any of our builders bags, orders of 40 bags or more will qualify for free local delivery.

Small bags of Topsoil can also be collected from our sites for £2.75 per bag or 4 for £10.

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