40L Kelpie Compost

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Caledonian Kelpie Compost contains a unique blend of seaweeds containing over 80 minerals, trace elements, vitamins and natural plant hormones. Ideal for adding nutrients, and boosting plant survival and growth.

Also available in bulk builder’s bags here.

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This unique, high-performing soil improver is made from a blend of green and woody material and a variety of seaweeds found in the cold, clean, nutrient-rich waters of the North Sea. The seaweed is harvested locally from beaches throughout Scotland and, as such, is an entirely renewable resource.

It contains over 80 minerals, essential trace elements, vitamins and natural plant hormones including Cytokinins, which stimulate plant growth. Our Kelpie Compost is BSI PAS 100 certified.


Available in small 40L bags or in builders bags approx. 850L .


  • Soil improver
  • Tree and shrub backfill mix
  • Planting shrubs, bulbs and herbaceous plants
  • Plant mulch
  • Turf top dressing
  • Turf establishment


  • Enhanced soil texture and moisture retention
  • Increased levels of organic matter
  • Increased nutrients reducing fertilizer requirements
  • Addition of soil microorganisms and fungi may help suppress some soil-borne plant diseases
  • Reduction of soil compaction and erosion
  • Improved plant survival and growth


Please note delivery of all bags are made in bulk and offloaded mechanically from the roadside. We DO NOT carry bags manually into your property.

Minimum order for delivery is 5 bags with an additional £15 delivery charge to local postcodes, orders of 40 bags or more will qualify for delivery at no extra cost to a local postcode.

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  • Braehead Quarry, 122c Craigs Road, Edinburgh, EH12 0AA
  • Todhill, Drum Estate, 684 Old Dalkeith Road, EH22 1RR
  • East Fenton, North Berwick, EH39 5AH
  • Pavilion Composting Site – Galashiels, TD6 9BN
  • Heathfield, Wheatpark Road, Ayr, KA8 9RT

68 reviews for 40L Kelpie Compost

  1. Nic Thomson

    Its good – have used for growing seedlings – nice and fine, good growth

  2. Maureen Mallon (verified owner)

    this is a lovely high quality product; we’ll definately buy again

  3. Edward Kellow (verified owner)

    Chose your products because I like your sustainability principles.
    Delivery was friendly and efficient.
    Will order again.

  4. Malcolm Warrack (verified owner)

    Excellent goodness for the flower and vegetable beds

  5. A Aitchison (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff and a result of recycling and cod posting when i do not have tghe fcility self. Have recommended this product to people i know and also the stuff in the green bag

  6. Françoise Boyce (verified owner)

    Really good compost and service. Have used before and have not been disappointed.

  7. Claire Ross (verified owner)

    It was recommended widely for growing seeds and is working well, really fine soil. Would buy this and other products too.

  8. Steve Currie (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  9. Anne Lyons (verified owner)

    Really good quality and reasonable price

  10. Hannah (verified owner)

    Looks to be really good compost. Spread well . No foreign matter in it. Would buy again

  11. Sharon Boyd (verified owner)

    A lovely fine compost, using it for indoor and outdoor plants. Delivery team very helpful. Will definitely order again.

  12. Julie Hewat (verified owner)


  13. Harriet Dodd (verified owner)

    Excellent product and no peat! Very happy and so are the plants!

  14. Alan (verified owner)

    Best compost i have used with amazing results over the last year, even better that it is peat free. Also like that the whole process is done locally too.

  15. Jgeorge (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Ideal for no dig as it is really rich. Use it for everything except seeds. Great value.

  16. Patrick McCarthy

    I never actually got this product. The guy at te site loaded the car with soil improver before I realised it and I didn’t have the heart to ask him to swap it. I am mixing this with old compost and using it in pots. Looks like a good product and I hope it sustains the Summer plants

  17. Jude Nixon (verified owner)

    Kelpie compost is absolutely brilliant. It gives fantastic results for seedlings and growing both veg and flowers. I will definitely order again

  18. Sam Ferguson (verified owner)

    Looks good quality and is nice to work with. Too early to comment on effect on plants as only used it a few weeks ago.

  19. Fiona Thomson (verified owner)

    Only just planted up but compost is lovely to work with .. very fine and no huge lumps in it. Very good price as well. Bag size is good for handling as well

  20. Tracey mason (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the compost.

  21. Donald LOW (verified owner)

    Brilliant compost, used throughout the garden, tatties love it, rhubarb loves it, highly recommend this product. Good value for high quality product

  22. Charles Gibb (verified owner)

    Very good quality.

  23. Liz Fulton (verified owner)

    Great quality product. Good for growing seedlings, filling borders, pots etc.
    Came recommended and I can see why.

  24. Gillian (verified owner)

    Buy this compost!!! Very dark and fine. Lovely rich compost.

  25. Marzena

    Great quality!

  26. Dave Pugh (verified owner)

    This is the only compost we now use brilliant stuff!

  27. Joyce Black (verified owner)

    Good value, good quality compost (compared to various compost brands)

  28. Joyce Black (verified owner)

    Good value quality compost (compared to various compost brands)

  29. Joyce Black (verified owner)

    Quality compost, good value (compared to various compost brands)

  30. Alastair Clyne (verified owner)

    Quality product, will be buying again !

  31. James McKendrick

    Excellent service from Edinburgh dept this is third time I have used Caledonian Horticulture and their compost produces great vegetables products are way ahead of competition and reasonably priced

  32. Jimmy Burnett (verified owner)

    Great service. Prompt and efficient. Looking forward to seeing the results next year.

  33. Elizabeth Morton (verified owner)

    It is a great quality local product. The plants are looking good and it is peat-free.

  34. Judy (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and great easy delivery

  35. G. K. M. (verified owner)

    Gave 5 stars as delivery was great and 3 days earlier than expected. Product looks and feels amazing, I’m using in containers as I have no in-ground garden space. Just started using one month ago, so I don’t yet know how it is over time but plants looking good so far.

  36. Bill Beaton (verified owner)

    Excellent quality compost with quick delivery. Would highly recommend.

  37. Jane Curley (verified owner)

    Lovely dry compost..Kelpie. Excellent to spread or use for potting; waiting for the results.

  38. Doug Clark (verified owner)

    I’ve used it to pot up some tulips, the compost has a great consistency and breaks up easily. Once the tulips have finished in the spring it will go well as a mulch.

  39. Thomas Collins (verified owner)

    Love the stuff

  40. William (verified owner)

    Nice product

  41. Michael (verified owner)

    Ideal for my container spuds, very clean and has plenty body in the compost.
    Well priced and would not hesitate to recommend this product.

  42. Judith Bull (verified owner)

    Very good service, prompt and helpful. Good quality product

  43. Eve Greenwood (verified owner)

    Excellent product in every respect.

  44. Sarah Chew (verified owner)

    Beautiful soft and fine compost. Definitely will order again.

  45. Ana

    This is magical. I used it in combination with the topsoil product and went straight on the patch of earth that is my back garden. Everything I’ve planted germinated. Also used only compost for pot germination. I will buy again, soon.

  46. Cath Chalmers (verified owner)

    We just love the Kelpie compost, better than garden centre products. Will always go back to Braehead when we need more. Plants just love it too. Job done 👍

  47. J. Brown (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I used it for topdressing my lawn after seeding. The highest commendation I could give would be to the customer service I had. Stocks were low and I had the job already planned. This was sorted the same day and allowed me to stick to my schedule. It really is becoming a hard thing to find in the modern world. A top company with good products and excellent staff. I wouldn’t buy from anywhere else.

  48. R Nisbet (verified owner)

    This is really lovely stuff. Far superior to more expensive peat feee products from garden centres. Also the young woman who delivered my two dumpy bags couldn’t have been more helpful.

  49. Mark Easton (verified owner)

    Beautiful compost and very fine. Perfect for covering my grass seeds during a small overseeding project.

  50. Colin (verified owner)

    Fantastic Compost.

  51. Caroline Richards (verified owner)

    Really good quality compost that shows that peat free can be done properly! And a very efficient delivery service and friendly staff member. Highly recommend!

  52. Gillian (verified owner)

    Brilliant compost. Plants thrive on it.

  53. Matthew (verified owner)

    Rich, not at all clumpy. Everything growing really well in it.

  54. John Lockie (verified owner)

    Product was ideal for my sandy soil that lacked substance and poor water retention. 40l bags were just right for an aged man with diminished muscle ability, could not cope with larger sizes.

  55. izabella (verified owner)

    Perfect compost. After adding it to the soil, my plants came back to life, even those in poor condition.

  56. David Bennett (verified owner)

    Excellent compost, nice structure, this is my 2nd purchase and won’t be the last

  57. CDB (verified owner)

    dark, fine and rich.

  58. Max Sykes (verified owner)

    A very rich addition to the , the plants love it .

  59. Donald (verified owner)

    Cracking looking compost , dense , black , crumbly , very good value

  60. Petra (verified owner)

    Great product. The plants love it and it’s sustainable. Deliveries are good with products placed sensitively in the right place.

  61. Maureen Mahoney (verified owner)

    Rich, dark compost used as mulch on beds. Quicker than expected delivery with helpful driver. Would definitely use again

  62. Lauren Barr (verified owner)

    Brilliant product. Very high quality, lovely consistency. Works so well as a mulch on my flowerbeds.

  63. Maida (verified owner)

    Great so far. No stones or plastic, Great coliur and doesn’t stink! Plants like ut so far, would definitely use again and Great getting a load of bags delivered so got them there when doing all the different jobs!

  64. johndunney1 (verified owner)

    The quality appears to be excellent, very friable and far better quality than any I have bought from the larger stores or garden centres. The fact that it is peat free is another big plus. I will definitely buy again.

  65. A Mutch (verified owner)

    Good fine compost – clean to work with.
    I was impressed as I was out when the bags were delivered and came back to find they had been taken up my drive, making it much easier for me.

  66. Marilyn Dixon (verified owner)

    Bought this compost recently on recommendation. Looks great quality and really nice to use. Good pricing too, so will definitely reorder and recommend to friends.

  67. AS63 (verified owner)

    This is the third time I’ve ordered the Kelpie Compost and the second time I’ve collected from Braehead Quarry. A really helpful member of staff suggested I stay it the car because it was raining, and that was hugely appreciated. This soil has a lovely dark and rich amongst the plants, I just love it. Two years ago was the first time I’d used it, and quite honestly, the plants exploded out of the ground, some of them seemed to grow double their expected size. Crazy!

  68. CB (verified owner)

    The compost is very good value and looks high quality: dark, organic rich, no plastic or big pieces of twig or stones (which you sometimes get in bagged composts). I am happy to put in on my allotment veg beds. The delivery to our allotment site went smoothly and the member of staff was helpful and friendly, it was earlier than the 2 hour delivery window but all good and have already recommended to others and will order again in future. Communication with the staff before ordering was also very helpful.

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