Kelpie Compost 40L

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Caledonian Kelpie Seaweed soil improver provides all the characteristics needed for the successful growth of plants in a wide variety of growing situations.

This unique high performing soil improver is produced using the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum which is harvested by hand from the cold, clean, nutrient rich waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and, as such is an entirely renewable resource. It contains over 80 minerals, essential trace elements, vitamins and natural plant growth hormones including Cytokinins, which stimulate plant growth.

Available in small 40L bags weighing approximately 20kg each or in 850L builders bags weighing approximately 800kg.


  • Soil improver
  • Tree and shrub backfill mix
  • Planting shrubs, bulbs and herbaceous plants
  • Plant mulch
  • Turf top dressing
  • Turf establishment


  • Enhanced soil texture and moisture retention
  • Increased levels of organic matter
  • Increased nutrients reducing fertilizer requirements
  • Addition of soil microorganisms and fungi may help suppress some soil-borne plant diseases
  • Reduction of soil compaction and erosion
  • Improved plant survival and growth


Please note delivery of all bags are made in bulk and offloaded mechanically from the roadside. We DO NOT carry bags manually into your property.

Builders Bags – Single bag delivery fee is £10 to a local postcode, orders of 2 or more qualify for free local delivery.

Small Bags – Minimum order for delivery is 5 bags unless ordered with any of our builders bags, orders of 40 bags or more will qualify for free local delivery.

Small bags of Kelpie Compost can also be collected from our sites for £4 per bag or 4 for £15

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