Builder’s Bag Green Goodness

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Caledonian Green Goodness is a peat free, multi-purpose soil improver, that will add nutrients and organic matter to your soil. Ideal for planting bulbs, shrubs, and vegetables, as a mulch, and for enhanced water retention.

(95 customer reviews)
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This high quality peat-free soil improver is made entirely from composted green and woody material collected from gardens and parks throughout the Lothians and Scottish Borders. We shred and compost this material in large windrows which are aerated and monitored in order to achieve the temperatures required to kill weeds and pathogens. Our Green Goodness Soil Improver is BSI PAS 100 certified.


Available in small 40L bags or in approx. 850L builders bags.


  • Soil improver
  • Tree and shrub backfill mix
  • Planting shrubs, bulbs and herbaceous plants
  • Plant mulch
  • Turf top dressing
  • Turf establishment


  • Enhanced soil texture and moisture retention
  • Increased levels of organic matter
  • Increased nutrients reducing fertilizer requirements
  • Addition of soil microorganisms and fungi may help suppress some soil-borne plant diseases
  • Reduction of soil compaction and erosion
  • Improved plant survival and growth


Please note delivery of all bags are made in bulk and offloaded mechanically from the roadside. We DO NOT carry bags manually into your property.

Builders Bags – Single bag delivery fee is £15 to a local postcode, orders of 2 or more qualify for free local delivery.

Small Bags – Minimum order for delivery is 5 bags unless ordered with any of our builders bags, orders of 40 bags or more will qualify for free local delivery.

Small bags of Green Goodness can also be collected from our sites for £2.75 per bag or 4 for £10.

95 reviews for Builder’s Bag Green Goodness

  1. Rich

    Best Soil I ever used!

  2. Kari Cooper (verified owner)

    Superb quality compost! Really reasonably priced too and peat free.

  3. Glenda Scott (verified owner)

    Great quality product, good value for money and delivered by a very friendly man. Will purchase again but my muscles need to recover first!

  4. Jon Hall

    Great product – absolutely lovely texture / colour / quality. Using to dress new raised flower beds and mix in to veg patched. Delivery was easily arranged and the guy very accommodating and capable with relatively tricky access to drive at our end. Will definitely be getting more!

  5. robert ballantyne (verified owner)

    I tried this product last year, mixed results; listed below is what we tried.

    1 Mixed into a commercial potting compost to which we added extra fertilizer, poor and mixed results, compacted too much, and too high in salts added peritle to help with the compaction.

    2 Tried growing veg plants in it as well; results were better as we mixed in some garden soil, however tomatoes cucumber were ok but not the best.

    3 The best results we got with this product was a soil conditioner, which really is its intended purpose. I highly recommend it for this job.

    I would buy again for a soil improver.

  6. P. Richardson (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Caledonian horticulture- friendly prompt delivery of high quality compost. Thank you

  7. Pat Macnair (verified owner)

    Great product, have used several times. Easy to order and no problem with delivery

  8. Cath Kidd (verified owner)

    We’ve been really pleased with the soil. The service was terrific and delivered by a really friendly man. Will purchase another bag in the spring. Thanks.

  9. Elizabeth Bee (verified owner)

    Very happy with this compost. Person delivering two ton bags did it with care getting in through my gates. Thank you.

  10. Maggie Stewart (verified owner)

    wonderful! Great quality product.

  11. Gardener for Hire.

    Being a professional Gardener I have used this soil improver on many of my customer gardens.
    It also works as a mulch in flower beds.
    I have already got orders from two of my customer for bulk bags. The price is brilliant and the delivery service is second to none.

  12. Graham Morrison (verified owner)

    Great product – reasonably priced.

  13. Roddy Scott (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this product good quality soil, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

  14. Rosie (verified owner)

    I use lots of this to fill beds plant stuff top dress and mulch and is lovely stuff. Dark and rich plants love it. Veg patch use cardboard and a thick layer of this no weeds good veg!

  15. Joyce (verified owner)

    Great product and fantastic service from placing order to delivery… care taken to make sure bag was put over railings carefully.

  16. Lisa Glassock (verified owner)

    Delivered quickly and great value.

  17. Lisa Glassock (verified owner)

    Great product, delivered on time and great quality.

  18. Sheila Sim (verified owner)

    A really good peat free product. I use it as a deep mulch and to mix my own potting compost.

  19. Lois (verified owner)

    Used this in a very large planter last spring and filled with established plants, bulbs and seedlings, all grew fantastically and some still look lush and green now in jan 2022.

  20. Tracy O’Hare (verified owner)

    Great service. Friendly professional staff. Best soil I’ve ever used.

  21. Joan Bell (verified owner)

    Great product, I’d recommend this company

  22. Liz Finlayson (verified owner)

    Repeat customer.
    Good quality product backed up with excellent customer service.

  23. William (verified owner)

    Good product. I wanted to refresh my planters and borders and give it a good mix in with existing soil

  24. sally charlton (verified owner)

    So good! Helps break up the soil and helpful delivery.

  25. Jim Simpson (verified owner)

    Good quality product at reasonable price, will buy again when required

  26. Sarah-Jane Haston (verified owner)

    I am always happy with my compost delivery. The Green Goodness is rich, with a great texture and it’s peat free.

  27. Ewan Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Lovely stuff, only 4 star because Kelpie compost is even better!

  28. Lewis (verified owner)

    Great product, price and service. Will definitely use again.

  29. Hugh Nicolson (verified owner)

    1st class product. We are now on our third bulk bag which we sometimes mix with the Kelpie depending on where it’s going. Each of the delivery men have been excellent, competently placing the two bags to suit my needs over the garden fence.

  30. Martin Clark (verified owner)

    A very god product which did the job extremely well.

  31. Simon (verified owner)

    Brilliant compost, I have used it for creating North facing borders (next to my house wall) for a mixture of woodland/ shade-loving plants and they were growing brilliantly. Extremely happy with the quality and the price. Thank you

  32. Seb (verified owner)

    The compost is quite coarse, but it’s lovely to work with and has produced great results. Delivery drivers have all been very helpful.

  33. Helen (verified owner)

    Great product! Good value and peat free! Borders are looked really well on it. Will use again. Driver was really helpful and delivered closer to my required spot that I imagined was possible

  34. Val Finch (verified owner)

    Good quality compost at a reasonable price. Delivered promptly and put exactly where I wanted.

  35. Phil Wheeler (verified owner)

    Great compost to make a good growing environment in new raised beds. Topsoil returned untouched, as superfluous to requirements, and collected efficiently.

  36. Jennifer Donald (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the great quality of the soil and how it improved the state of the flower beds. Also kept the weeds away for a long while..Efficient delivery.

  37. Allan lindsay (verified owner)

    For the price it was good, mulched my flower beds well

  38. Mo (verified owner)

    I’ve found the soil to have a good texture and colour and have used for the past couple of years. I think it’s good value for money. I like the fact it’s an environmentally friendly product. I did notice that there are some fragments of plastic and that’s the only reason I have given it 4 stars but that’s probably difficult to avoid I would still keep buying it. Delivery man was very friendly and helpful. Also it would be good if you were able to take back the empty bags for reuse and advertise this as part of the service.

  39. Terry (verified owner)

    Good for general use round the garden; and the driver was as accommodating as he could be with delivery. But I prefer the seaweed enriched Kelpie for the vegetable patch, despite its extra cost. Maybe it helps our very sandy soil.

  40. Mark (verified owner)

    Top quality dirt not only do I like it the plants love it. Best of quality and service 10/10

  41. John G (verified owner)

    Good compost, very reasonably priced, great for mulching. I have used this product for years and never been disappointed.

  42. Elaine Brown (verified owner)

    Great product delivered on time and I was well pleased.

  43. sarah curtis (verified owner)

    Great stuff.
    Easy to shovel.
    Nice and dark and not too many sticks etc. makes a great mulch and soil improver. Helps suppress weeds and holds moisture in the ground.
    Great product.

  44. David Wintour (verified owner)

    Great stuff!! The beds have never been so lush.

  45. Carol (verified owner)

    Great product, great price and fantastic customer service. Will be buying again.

  46. Max Sykes (verified owner)

    A fantastic product , pure goodness . I have used on my garden to great effect , the plants seem love it ! – High recommended product and service – A+

  47. Dorothy (verified owner)

    Made some raised beds and this was a great product to mix in with my soil. Lots of great veg for my first season of growing. 😃👍

  48. Catherine (verified owner)

    Great compost and friendly, reliable and flexible delivery.

  49. Gwen

    I mixed this with top soil bulk bag for raised veg beds and it’s done a great season already with little need for any improvement for next season. Lovely quality and easy to shift. The delivery driver was brilliant too, so helpful!

  50. lawrence alexander (verified owner)

    great stuff at a good price. Friendly and efficient delivery

  51. Brian Henry (verified owner)

    Great product, lovely texture and good quality. Driver couldn’t be more helpful delivering down the sloping travel drive. Highly recommended.

  52. Brian Henry (verified owner)

    Great product, lovely texture and good quality. Used to enrich a new beech hedge being planted. Driver couldn’t be more helpful delivering down the sloping travel drive. Highly recommended.

  53. Jan Davidson (verified owner)

    This is very good quality compost which we have been buying and using over several years. It would be very helpful to have a pH value for the compost or at least some indication of whether it was acid, alkaline or neutral.

  54. John Loudon (verified owner)

    Fact ordered many times – speaks for itself

  55. Alan (verified owner)

    Really good compost. It’s perfect as a mulch layer on a no-dig garden. You might need to add some grit to use it in pots etc?
    Peat free, organically certified, and locally produced. Delivery and communication very good – delivery of bulk bags took a bit longer in spring, as that’s when everyone orders. Ordered more in the autumn and I think it came the next day!

  56. Christine Pinder (verified owner)

    I have used this before, great for all my plants and what I need to grow.

  57. Edward Kellow (verified owner)

    Chose your products because I like your sustainability principles.
    Delivery was friendly and efficient.
    Will order again.

  58. Al Hoggarth (verified owner)

    Bought as soil conditioner and mulch, very effective and plan to buy more for the rest of the garden.

  59. Lise Bysted (verified owner)

    Great product. Have ordered it twice and will order again in spring . Used to top up flower beds, where I live it’s mostly clay soil.

  60. Kate Rycroft (verified owner)

    Good quality product for a reasonable price. Helpful delivery driver managed to lift bags over our wall without damaging overhanging trees

  61. Brad Barber (verified owner)

    I recently ordered 4 tonne bags of the green goodness. It’s excellent quality, fantastic textures, and broken down into a great black product. Used for raised beds, and to help plant spring bulbs. I’ve since had a repeat order too. Free delivery for 2 or more bags, and both my deliveries arrived around a week after ordering.
    I would certainly use again.

  62. Ian Currier (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Used 5 tons to refresh the borders after 20 years since house was built. Suppressed weeds, had amazing results on the plants and broke up the patchy heavy soil. Delivery was most considerate putting bags for easy access and no nuisance.

  63. Gordon Kidd (verified owner)

    First time buying the compost and I’m very impressed.

  64. Roddy Morrison (verified owner)

    Used your compost with your top soil for an excellent crop, especially the potatoes this last year.

  65. Jemima Elliott (verified owner)

    Very heavy and clarty, with sticks. Sadly not the usual texture, perhaps prepared too quickly for the time of year?

  66. Kenny Milne (verified owner)

    Good product, good price and delivery was spot on and carried out professionally.

  67. Janie Armstrong (verified owner)

    I use green goodness every year as a soil conditioner. It works a treat on flower and veg beds and is excellent value for money. Customer service is excellent and personal. Delivery guys could not be more helpful in getting the builders bags to where you want them, within reason. thanks Caledonian Horticulture.

  68. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Good quality product at a good price delivered quickly.

  69. Clarissa (verified owner)

    The delivery driver was supremely nice and knew exactly how to manoeuvre through our workplace to drop off the bags where specified. The compost is good quality, perfect for what we need it for in our working garden.

  70. M Birse (verified owner)

    Great stuff, really good quality, delivery driver was super helpful and thoughtful. Will be buying more next year.

  71. Mike Phillips (verified owner)

    Good looking compost, with luck it will prove helpful on our heavy soil.

  72. Ernie Watt (verified owner)

    Essential stuff. Use it on allotment. Screening greatly improved in recent years: hardly any plastic impurities, which used to be a problem. Can grow a wider range of veg so nutrient imbalance in soil presumably improved. Used over a period of years I can see my soil is richer – better moisture and nutrient retention. Efficient and friendly delivery, too.

  73. Peter McSorley (verified owner)

    previous bags very good, but it is very dirty to handle

  74. Caitlin (verified owner)

    This is my go-to compost for beds, and is really good. I’ve ordered this quite a few times. Sometimes it is still very warm and composting, and there are occasional non-organic bits in (i.e. plastic or glass). But not many, and I’ll deinitely be ordering again

  75. Hugh Buchanan (verified owner)

    Excellent. Very good consistent texture and good value too.

  76. Susansplot (verified owner)

    Excellent mulch or soil improver.
    Reliable and timely delivery. I’ve bought it time and time again.

  77. isabel page

    Good and cheap. I have used this for two years as a soil improver and am ordering again. For use as potting compost I riddle it to get rid of the larger bits of wood etc. (which I simply add to the soil improver)

  78. beaublue81 (verified owner)

    Great, already ordered more, highly recommend.

  79. Kyle Brown (verified owner)

    Well delivered, looks good. But unfortunately has parts of plastic throughout. This could have been sieved better, but the inclusion of plastics is probably unavoidable due to the source of the ingredients.

  80. Andrew (verified owner)

    This is the second year we’ve ordered this compost. Delivery is quick, efficient and easy even with the bulk bags. They were left in a suitable location even though we were not home at the time of delivery. The soil is great to work with, dark and nicely textured. It worked great for filling newly dug areas last year. This year we mixed it 50/50 with the kelpie compost to boost it further. Would recommend.

  81. Isla Browning (verified owner)

    Excellent compost. Well rotted with no weed seeds!

  82. P SCOTT (verified owner)


  83. Arlene

    I havnt put anything in the soil as of yet but from what ive seen it looks brilliant, dark and rich looking soil. I shall review again in a few months

  84. Bruce

    Good dark compost. Excellent quality

  85. Nicola (verified owner)

    Too early to say much other than it certainly looks very good quality and I will likely buy from them again.

  86. Helen Kellacher (verified owner)

    Very pleased with compost, service and delivery, excellent. Highly recommend

  87. Margaret (verified owner)

    Lovely compost, delivered promptly and in a convenient location.

  88. Nikki Newbert (verified owner)

    Excellent compost for boosting a neglected garden. I only ever buy peat free. Service was very friendly and the driver took the time to get the bulk bag in an ideal spot for me to access. My first choice now for my gardening business

  89. Paul Elliott (verified owner)

    This compost is ideal for improving soil. Completely weed free and driver very helpful.

  90. Fiona Tennick (verified owner)

    Excellent quality , as always . Good personal service over the phone .

  91. john miller (verified owner)

    Looks good. See how plants perform? Nice delivery over the fence.

  92. Katharina Andres (verified owner)

    Great compost, great service

  93. Taryn (verified owner)

    Great and rich quality compost. Friendly and fast delivery. Superb price, too. Highly, highly recommended to EVERYONE

  94. Jane (verified owner)

    Great quality compost. Value for money.
    Very efficient delivery

  95. steven mcculloch (verified owner)

    absolutely brilliant product. I use this for growing vegetables, and last year had the best veg i’ve ever had, i use it for everything from sowing seeds to growing tomatoes

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