Caledonian Topsoil – Builder’s Bag

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💚This is the enhanced topsoil you have been looking for!! 💚 

Enhanced top soil in bulk! Edinburgh based with no extra delivery charge when you buy 2 or more bulk bags.

Caledonian Enhanced Topsoil is a high quality, fertile, organically rich multi-purpose topsoil. It is a blend of locally reclaimed soil and a peat-free soil improver and is ideal for using in planting and landscaping where a quality outcome is essential. It is light, friable and easy to work, even in wet conditions. No requirement to mix with any type of soil improver saving time.


Get this fantastic cheap offer of a bulk bag now! Volume of each bag is APPROX 850 litres/0.85 m3

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Organically Rich Multi-Purpose Topsoil!

• Multipurpose grade tested to BS 3882:2007 standards
• Sandy loam texture
• Highly fertile, contains good levels of phosphorous, potassium and magnesium
• pH is typically 7 giving a slightly alkaline soil
• Minimal stone content due to screening process
• Organic content typically in excess of 10%
• Ideal for creating raised beds, growing plants in the garden, vegetables on the allotments, laying turf and landscaping
• All year round consistency
• Easy to handle

• It is recommended this material not be used for top dressing lawns unless a depth of over 50mm is intended.  If you intend to to apply a thin layer of topdressing we suggest using our lawn dressing blend that is screened to a finer grade.

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Weight 800 kg


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