Spreading Crushed Basalt Rock with UNDO

As part of our ongoing sustainability pledge, Robbie Pittendrigh from our FRM AgriServices team recently collaborated with UNDO to apply crushed basalt rock at Oxenfoord Farm near Edinburgh, one of 138 farms testing this climate change solution. Recently BBC Countryfile highlighted the pivotal role UNDO is playing during a climate change feature.

UNDO aims to revolutionize farming practices for a greener tomorrow with its enhanced rock weathering technology. This approach, done in partnership with local quarries, involves spreading crushed silicate rock on agricultural land. As the rock interacts with rain, it permanently captures CO₂ from the atmosphere throughout its lifetime. This process benefits farmers by reducing carbon footprints, enriching soil health, and increasing crop yields.

In the UK, this technology has the potential to remove up to 30 million tonnes of CO₂ annually, addressing 45% of the country’s emissions. Recently at Oxenfoord Farm, 1,500 tonnes of basalt was delivered, which will permanently remove approximately 375 tonnes of CO₂, improving crop yield, and boosting soil health for 75 hectares of land.

More Info about UNDO’s enhanced rock weathering can be found here: https://un-do.com/2023/11/28/undos-enhanced-rock-weathering-featured-on-bbc-countryfile-revolutionising-farming-and-fighting-climate-change/

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