Pizza Oven Kiln Dried Logs 🍕

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Kiln Dried Pizza 🍕 Oven Logs! Perfect size for your pizza oven.

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Do you want pizza oven fuel that will maximise your pizza oven’s cooking potential? Then look no further. Our logs are your answer! We promise that once you try our logs you won’t look back! They are drier, burn better and produce less creosote. Try them for yourself…you won’t be disappointed!!

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Our dried hardwood logs are approx 20cm long (these measurements vary) and of small diameter so that they fit in pizza ovens.

Our 40l bags are approx 0.6m tall x 0.3m wide x 0.25 deep

Choosing firewood for cooking in your pizza oven you need very dry wood. Our wood is kiln dried making it extremely dry. This is so important as it allows the wood to burn at a high enough heat to make your oven pizza ready! On top of that there is little to no smoke which makes sure your pizzas taste delicious!



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