Kiln Dried Log and Kindling Bundle

£205.00 inc VAT

Caledonian Horticulture Kiln Dried Log and Kindling Bundles burn hotter, cleaner and more efficiently.

This log and kindling bundle contains 2 builders bags of our kiln dried hardwood logs and 2 nets of our kiln dried kindling, perfect for use in your fireplaces, fire pits or wood burning stoves. Our premium quality logs are kiln dried to produce a moisture content of below 20% meaning they will burn much hotter and for longer than seasoned logs.

(11 customer reviews)

All of our firewood is sustainably sourced locally in Scotland and is best stored in a dry well ventilated shed, garage or log store.

We are commitment to becoming a business with a positive environmental and social impact, so as part of our One Planet Pledge we plant a tree for every builder’s bag of logs we sell.


Contains 2 x builders bags approximately 800kg and 2x kindling nets that are approximately 60cm x 45cm.


Please note delivery of all bags are made in bulk and offloaded mechanically from the roadside. We DO NOT carry bags manually into your property.

This bundle qualifies for free local delivery to a local postcode.

11 reviews for Kiln Dried Log and Kindling Bundle

  1. Judith O’Leary

    Your logs are perfect – cut to the right size, dry and burn beautifully! Seamless delivery and bulk bag lifted into my garden from the roadside. Highly recommend!

  2. Alexander D Knox (verified owner)

    The kiln dried logs stack easily and burn well-just as expected. Order process is easy. A change in the delivery vehicle resulted in my having to barrow the logs in from the road which provided some additional opportunity for exercise. Happy to express satisfaction with this product.

  3. Dave MacIntyre (verified owner)

    Always good dry hardwood logs which are an ideal size for the stove.

  4. Thomas May (verified owner)

    Very pleased with quality of logs and quantity

  5. L Ferguson (verified owner)

    Good variety of dry logs and great kindling. Good value.

  6. Pat (verified owner)

    Great service, logs burn really well and the kindling is great too.

  7. Rhona (verified owner)

    great service, great logs and balance of kindling to log ratio is spot on. All delivery drivers have been friendly and helpful. passed the word on to others

  8. David Hinley (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quality of the dried hardwood logs and kindling. Good service delivery.

  9. Hector Robertson (verified owner)

    Great service with free delivery. Good quality logs

  10. Kim Rosewell (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product

  11. Ron Mackay (verified owner)

    Good logs, well dried and large bags of kindling, not shop size. Would like some bigger logs for longer burning but the stove is larger than most.

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