Sustainable Log Box

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Caledonian Horticulture Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs burn hotter, cleaner and more efficiently.

These premium quality logs are kiln dried to produce a moisture content of below 20% meaning they will burn much hotter and for longer than seasoned logs. Due to the low moisture content it is not necessary to have a ferocious fire to burn off excess moisture which means the air vents on your log burner can be closed down for a longer more controllable burn.

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Our sustainable log boxes are aimed at customers who have limited storage capacity and are unable to take a bulk bag,

All of our firewood is sustainably sourced locally in southeast Scotland. Best stored in a dry well ventilated area.


Available in boxes 40cm x 32cm x 32cm containing approximately 12 – 15 logs. Our hardwood logs are suitable for both small and large log burners as they are cut to a length of approximately 8 inches.


Please Note: If you are to order a Sustainable Log Box along with Builders Bags, then these will be delivered as part of the same delivery.

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