5 Tips to Revive Your Lawn After Winter

It’s that time of year when your lawn is needing some much needed TLC. Here are our lawn care tips to get your grass back to tip top condition ready for Summer. 

  1. Mow: On a dry day, give your lawn a good mow. 
  2. Rake: Use a rake to get rid of any moss. 
  3. Add Nutrients: Add some well needed nutrients and improve drainage by top dressing your lawn (see picture). Spread top dressing when the grass is relatively dry and work it in using the back of a rake or stiff brush until no obvious clumps remain and the grass is clearly visible. 
  4. Hydrate: Water the lawn thoroughly and do not mow immediately after application.
  5. Reseed: Pop on some grass seed if you have bare patches. 

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions for our garden experts and let us know how you get on!

Our Topdressing

Our Caledonian Horticulture Top Dressing is available in small bags, builders bags or by the lorry load. 

Used regularly on domestic lawns, stately homes, sports fields, sports stadiums and golf courses around Scotland, our top dressing is trusted by turf specialists, green keepers, gardeners and landscapers alike. 

70% fine sand and 30% compost, it’ll level your lawn, improve drainage, enhance its appearance and stimulate growth. Our top dressing can also be used as a turf base for when laying turf. 

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