Celebrating Winning Two National Awards in our 20th Anniversary Year

Already celebrating our 20th Anniversary year, FRM are delighted to have won two national awards recognising our contribution towards a circular economy, and our efforts in promoting sustainability and helping the environment:

  • The Preserving Natural Capital Award at the 17th Annual British Renewable Energy Awards and
  • The SRUC Alumni Entrepreneur Network Environmental Sustainability Award 2022

FRM began in 2002 with an idea that started as a college project to provide a sustainable recycling solution for the garden cuttings generated across Southeast Scotland. At that time the material collected by councils and landscape gardeners was either sent to landfill or burned in bonfires – a huge waste of a valuable natural resource. We now take in over 130,000t of green waste a year and, using natural processes, turn these organic materials into our Caledonian Horticulture products including a number of peat-free composts, topsoil, sand mixes and biomass fuels.

At FRM we care deeply about the world we live in and are committed to being a business with a positive environmental and social impact. As part of our One Planet Pledge we plant trees and provide free compost to schools and community groups, along with advice, to encourage as many people as possible to try their hand at growing their own. We also run our Scottish Coastal Clean Up initiative that runs over World Environment and World Ocean Day at the start of June. In it’s first year we saw over 70 community and family groups out cleaning the 150km of coastline between Berwick-upon-Tweed and Edinburgh. This year we built on last year’s success and extended the clean to cover the coastline from Berwick-upon-Tweed up to Aberdeen – a total of 570km.

These initiatives help FRM take the top spot for both awards with SRUC judges saying, “Another great entry, different from the rest. Great vision and a green perspective.” Whilst judges at the British Renewable Energy Awards said “Preserving the natural world is vital to our planet’s future. Forth Resource Management, winners of the Preserving Natural Capital Award, are fulfilling their One Plant Pledge through peat free compost production, tree planting and coastal clean up activities.”

You can read the full list of winners on the Renewable Energy Awards website.

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