Isle of Skye Beach Clean

On the 20th – 23rd April The Scottish Coastal Clean Up, which is sponsored by Caledonian Horticulture, organised their first big beach clean of the year on the beautiful Isle of Skye.

This was a huge team effort and saw multiple groups, organisations and individuals coming together, with the singular purpose of removing as much plastic pollution as possible from the beaches of Skye. Ocean Plastic Pots took away all the nets and rope to be recycled into plant pots and Skye Beach Cleans did an amazing job of organising and coordinating everyone.

Scotland is known for its beautiful beaches and every year, thousands of visitors will visit places like Skye, because of its incredible scenery. Unfortunately, many of our beaches are also covered in plastic pollution and this is causing major problems for our wildlife.

This weekend, not only highlighted the huge issues our beaches are facing, but also how important it is for people to work together to remove it and more importantly, to prevent it from entering the ocean in the first place.

In the below video, Caledonian Horticulture’s MD, Tommy Dale, gives an important message on the work being done to keep our beaches clean from plastic pollution.

Visit for details on how to get involved in a future beach clean.

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  1. Good morning, As a Dutch tourist I stay on the Isle of Skye in Torrin near a lttle bay in Loch Slapin.
    It’ s terrible to see how much plastic soup there is on the shore. During my stay I planned to collect every day a bag full of plastics. Have you any idea where I can bring this to?
    Kind regards,

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