Caledonian Decorative Bark – Builder’s Bag

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Caledonian Bark Mulch is produced to a high specification and graded to give an even and decorative appearance. To be used for weed suppression and retaining moisture in the soil. See our application guide below.

PLEASE NOTE – This Bark is NOT suitable for use in children’s play areas and is not a certified “Play Grade” Bark product.

Volume of each bag is APPROX 850 litres/0.85 m3

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Guide to use
• Make sure the area you wish to cover is weed free, watered and aerated.
• All plants should be firmly in place before application.
• Apply evenly across the surface and avoid mixing with the soil
• Work closely around plants taking care not to cover foliage.

Why use Bark Mulch in your Garden?

Bark is a long lasting natural method for weed suppression made from an entirely renewable source, pleasant to handle with a natural aroma of pine. Caledonian Bark Mulch provides a safe and decorative surface for paths and gives borders and beds protection, growing healthy colourful plants. With one easy application the warm attractive colour of Caledonian Bark Mulch contrasts with plants and shrubs to show them at their best.

Main Advantages to using Caledonian Bark Mulch

1. A carpet of Caledonian Bark Mulch suppresses weeds and cuts down maintenance time.
2. Caledonian Bark Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil during dry periods.
3. Caledonian Bark Mulch insulates and protects plant roots from frost in the winter and excessive heat in the summer.
4. A layer of Caledonian Bark Mulch will improve and help to maintain the quality of soil texture and reduce soil erosion.

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