The Caledonian Horticulture Guide: How to Top Dress Your Lawn this Spring

April is a great time to top dress your lawn as the grass has started to grow again after winter. Our top dressing will provide a nutrient boost to get your lawn looking its best!

How often you top dress your lawn will depend on the quality of your soil, but at a minimum we recommend once a year.

Our peat-free top dressing is a blend of 70% sand and 30% Green Goodness. The sand will help provide stability to the soil structure giving a more even appearance. It will also help to improve drainage in the wetter months. The Green Goodness will encourage new grass growth and provides essential nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. It also adds organic matter to your soil which will help with water retention during summer months.

How Much Will I Need?

The general rule of thumb is to apply a layer about ¼” or 1cm deep, so you will need approximately 1m3 for every 100m2 of lawn. This equates to roughly one bulk bag for a 10m x 10m lawn.

How To Apply

To apply your top dressing you will need a rake or stiff brush

  1. Mow you lawn, this will make it easier to work the top dressing into the grass.
  2. Optional step – you may wish to aerate your lawn using a fork to help the top dressing work it’s way through any thatch that’s built up.
  3. Spread a fine layer of top dressing over your lawn, try to make it fairly even.
  4. Using your rake or brush work the top dressing into the roots of your grass.
  5. If you have any bare patches you can sprinkle some grass seed over them.
  6. You will be able to see the top dressing on your lawn, let it rest for a few days to work it’s way in. Rain will help this process along, if after a few days there hasn’t been any rain you might wish to give your lawn a light watering.
  7. Allow your grass to grow 2-3 inches before you next mow it to get the maximum benefit from your top dressing.

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