Kevock Garden Plants: Customer Story

Last year, we visited Kevock Garden Plants with Andy Peasgood to find out how they’ve been using our compost in their plant nursery.

Kevock Garden was struggling to find substitutes for peat for their compost mixes until they found Caledonian Horticulture and began using our peat-free Green Goodness Soil Improver.

Kevock are a small team that grows an incredibly wide selection of alpine, bog, and woodland plants originating from around the world in their Scottish nursery.

As a not-for-profit company, Kevock ploughs all financial surpluses back into the business to help create opportunities for people facing disadvantage in the workplace and create opportunities for people to become part of an integrated team, gaining work experience or volunteering alongside skilled horticulturalists and horticulture students.

Website their website:


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