New Products: Caledonian Planter Mix & Premium Woodchip Mulch

We are thrilled to announce that we have added two new products to our Caledonian Horticulture range.

Our Caledonian Planter Mix is a peat-free growing medium filler mix made from a blend of Green Goodness, composted bark fines, and rock dust.

Ideal for using in raised beds and garden borders, our Planter Mix is guaranteed to be weed free and provide a more competent growing mixture than using our Green Goodness on its own, which needs to be diluted to allow for the slow release of nutrients and a more sustainable top growth.

The added rock dust provides valuable minerals and nutrients that promote healthy longer lasting plants as the rock dust slowly breaks down.

Caledonian Planter Mix
Premium Woodchip Mulch

Our Premium Woodchip Mulch is a pure woodchip that’s longer lasting than our regular Garden Mulch due to it being chipped solely from hard and soft wood tree trunks.

It does not contain any vegetation or leaf mould and is ideal as a natural weed suppressor. It has similar moisture retention benefits as our Decorative Bark.

Our Premium Woodchip Mulch also has a more decorative appearance than our regular garden mulch.

These products are available in 850L builder’s bags and by the lorry load.

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