Product Spotlight: How to use our Green Goodness Soil Improver

Our Green Goodness is a high quality, peat-free soil improver that is made entirely from composted garden clippings collected from gardens and parks throughout the Lothians and Scottish Borders.

We shred and compost the garden clippings in large windrows which are aerated and monitored in order to achieve temperatures of around 60 – 70oc required to kill weeds and pathogens. Our Green Goodness is BSI PAS 100 certified.

Green Goodness is multipurpose and can be used to:

  • Improve plant survival and growth – this can lead to bigger and stronger plants that produce more flowers, fruits or vegetables!
  • Increased levels of organic matter within the soil – this is of particular importance as it is the organic matter within the soil that stores carbon and allows it to act as a carbon sink.
  • Increased organic matter also improves the soils’ structure and texture which helps with moisture retention, meaning less watering your plants
  • Increase nutrient levels – this reduces the need for you to add artificial fertilisers, saving you time and money, and will prevent run off and leaching into surrounding ecosystems
  • Add beneficial microorganisms and fungi to the soil – this increases biodiversity and will improve overall soil health. It can also help suppress some soil-borne plant diseases
  • Reduce the effects of soil compaction and erosion providing extra stability

Soil Improvement

Our Green Goodness is screened to 10mm grade and works well when added to all types of soil but can be especially helpful in breaking up clay soil.

Once added to clay soils, our Green Goodness will work its magic over a couple of months which adds organic matter that helps to break up the clay, improves drainage, and soil compaction.

As a multipurpose product, Green Goodness can also be used for sandy soil where it will help to improve water retention within the soil while also providing slow-release nutrients.

2 thoughts on “Product Spotlight: How to use our Green Goodness Soil Improver”

  1. Hi, is your green goodness mulch acidic and/ or can it be used as a protective mulch for my rhododendron border. Or would bark be suitable?

    Douglas Gold.

    1. Good Morning, Our products are fairly neutral however this wouldn’t do your border any harm. We offer a woodchip mulch that would do the same job as the decorative bark for protection of the plant in cold weather.

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