Shaping Our Shores: We’re Producing a Documentary

We are delighted to announce that Caledonian Horticulture will be producing a documentary that will explore the work that the Scottish Coastal Clean Up and other charities and individuals are doing to tackle the increasing issue of plastic pollution on Scotland’s coastline.

Each year, approximately 1 and a half thousand tonnes of plastic find their way into Scottish seas, threatening the rich biodiversity that live in these waters. The diverse marine ecosystems here face escalating challenges, made worse by an estimated 4,000 items of macro and micro plastics found per square kilometre on Scottish beaches.

Our talented presenter Shian Denovan and our media team at Caledonian Horticulture will be travelling up and down Scotland to follow the work these local groups and beach cleaning organisations are doing to clean up Scotland’s shores and safeguard the natural wonders that make Scotland’s coastline a global treasure.

Filming will be taking place throughout Scotland over the next six months, with the documentary releasing towards the end of the year. If you’re interested in participating please email

You can join the team at the Scottish Coastal Clean Up on their beach cleans throughout Scotland, starting with the Summer Isles in April. If you’re interested in getting involved to help clean up our beautiful Scottish shores, visit for more details.

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