Lila Hope: Bee Garden

Last year, we visited Lila Hope in North Berwick, who has turned her green space into a stunning bee and insect haven.

In this video, Lila delivers a passionate and emotional talk on the importance of protecting our bee and insect populations.

Bumblebees are the most in decline species of bee in the UK, with two species becoming extinct during the 20th century: Cullum’s bumblebee, last seen on the Berkshire Downs in 1941, and the Short-haired bumblebee, last seen at Dungeness in 1988 and officially declared extinct in 2000.

A third of all the remaining species in the UK are approaching extinction, while flying insects have declined by 60% in less than 20 years in the UK and Europe.

Fortunately, there is much that can be done to help our bees and insects. Planting a diverse array of native wildflowers in our gardens and green spaces provides essential food sources and habitats for bees and insects.

Avoiding using pesticides and opting for organic gardening methods helps protect these vital pollinators. Additionally, creating insect-friendly environments such as bug hotels or leaving patches of land untouched can offer refuge and nesting sites.

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