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What makes our firewood sustainable?

Did you know that all of Caledonian Horticulture’s range of firewood is FSC certified? The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) tick tree logo indicates that our products are contributing to responsible and sustainable forestry practices.

FSC is a non-profit organisation which ensures and certifies forests, all around the world, that meet the highest environmental and social standards. Forest certification involves inspecting and tracking the production of forest products to make sure that timber is harvested according to firm guidelines.

But why is this so important?

Badly managed forests, such as forests that are heavily logged and abandoned will degrade the forest and land and often cause soil erosion, pollution to water, and habitat loss for lots of wildlife. But it does not need to be this way. Responsibly managed forests can allow the continuation of harvesting to provide us with resources and products, whilst also providing clean air and water and healthy habitats for species.

The FSC standards require that forests are managed responsibly and that harvested trees are replaced or allowed to effectively regenerate naturally. FSC also evaluates and ensures that the well-being of local communities and better working conditions for staff is not ignored.

Our products

Caledonian Horticulture timber is sourced from sustainably thinned Scottish forests. Thinning woodland is an FSC approved and very important practice to encourage the growth and health of our forests. As trees start to reach around 10 years old, there is more competition for space, sun light, and nutrients. As a result, the growth rate starts to slow. Therefore, the best formed trees are selected, and surrounding trees are removed to allow more space for the best formed tress to grow at the fastest rate. This creates a more diverse woodland and reduces overcrowding, allowing sunlight to reach plants that grow on the forest floor. This is beneficial to many species of wildlife that rely on a variety of plant species for food and shelter.  

To add to the sustainability of our firewood our purpose built kiln is powered by overflow heat produced by our on farm power station ensuring nothing goes to waste, and as part of our One Planet Pledge we plant a tree for every bag of firewood we sell.

We are proud that all of our products are FSC certified and that we can give our customers assurance that they can continue to use our firewood knowing that they are helping to keep our forests alive and thriving for future generations. Check out our range of sustainable firewood here.

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